My Airplane

My airplane is a Long-EZ, a canard pusher designed by Burt Rutan in the late 1970s.  Mine was built from plans (not a kit) and finished in 1997.  In spite of its 30-year-old design, it is as fast and economical as any of today's homebuilts (and much more so than any certificated model of similar horsepower).  For more information on the breed, read about it here.



The following links will display the position and track of the aircraft using the APRS equipment installed in Long-EZ 821RP.  APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) is a technology that uses GPS and VHF ham radio to transmit position reports as packets of data.  The data eventually makes its way to servers on the Internet which can be queried  to display current position and track overlaid on an appropriate map.  Read more in the FAQ.

If I'm flying when you click on a link, the position data is near real-time!


The following are some canard aircraft flying activities in which I've participated.  All contain pictures of my Long-EZ and other canard aircraft.